We process your personal data to provide you with our service. This privacy statement was made to inform you about the way we process your personal data.
This privacy statement was last changed on: may 25th 2018

Contact details
Your personal data will be processed by:
Ter, VOF, 64138216
Steenwijkerweg 15, 8316 RG, (0031)527204495, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Jan van het Meer, (0031)527204495, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ter VOF obtains personal data in one of the following ways; you provide us with your personal data via the website, email, telephone, whatsapp, etc. In addition, we may obtain your personal data from third parties only so we can be off service to you. The personal data we process may vary according to your relationship with Ter VOF.
Ter VOF partakes in a few different branches, according to this, in your situation, we may only process a few of the following categories of personal data. Obviously we process different data from exhibitors than from web shop guests.

Personal date
Ter VOF processes the following categories of personal data depending on your relationship with Ter VOF.
• Name and address details
• Company details
• Contact details (business clients)
• Contact details like email address and phone numbers
• Date- and place of birth
• Sex
• Social security number
• Passport photograph
• Content of communication
• Financial details
• Health data
• Information about religious convictions
• Behavioural- and incidental reports
• Data about criminal records
• Relevant client information about its past
• Data relating to further treatment and guidance of the client
• IP address

Ter VOF processes personal data for various purposes, depending on your relationship with Ter VOF, such as:
• Maintaining contact
• To offer good and efficient service
• Performing administrative acts
• To improve our services
• Invoicing
• Collecting funds and taking collection measures
• Marketing
• For welfare purposes/ being able to offer better care
• Compliance with legal obligations
• Conducting disputes
• Being able to offer personalizes advertisements and information on the website
• To publish to floor plan with exhibitors (only names will be mentioned) on the website of VHM events, to inform the exhibitors.
• To inform the visitors of the VHM events
• To send informative mailings about the activities of Ter VOF (e.g. mailing about next event)

Legal basis
We process certain personal data to either act according to our agreement or to comply with a legal obligation.
We also process personal data, because Ter VOF had legitimate interests in this. These legitimate interests are:
• Being able to provide service in the most efficient way possible
• The protection of our financial interests
• The improvement of our services
• Being able to offer clear service to all those involved with VHM events
• Security and the management of our systems
• The processing concerns data that have been made public by the person concerned
• A closed agreement in which the person concerned gives the explicit permission to process this data.
If personal data is processed on the basis of permission, this will be requested separately.

Provision to third parties
Ter VOF may exchange personal data within the framework of its services. Ter VOF can use the services of third parties for the aforementioned purposes, such as the IT suppliers of our websites and our systems such as software providers for care and welfare, municipalities, government institutions, accountants and secondment agencies. In connection with this, personal details will be provided to these third parties. These third parties may only process your personal data for the aforementioned purposes.
Finally, your personal data can be provided to third parties if Ter VOF has to comply with a legal obligation. Ter VOF will not provide your details for commercial purposes or charities.

Ter VOF can make use of image material for promotion, information provision and for use on its own websites. If you do not agree with this, you can indicate this in advance and the relevant visual material will be removed. Ter VOF is not liable for the image material made by third parties, which Ter VOF has no knowledge about (for example, photos taken at trade fairs or by visitors to the animal park).

How long we save your data
Ter VOF will not process your personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes it has stated in this privacy statement. This means that your personal data will be kept for as long as they are necessary to achieve the relevant goals. Certain data must be kept longer, because Ter VOF has to comply with statutory custody obligations, such as the fiscal retention obligation.

How we secure your data
We believe it is important that your personal data are protected against loss or unauthorized access of your personal data. That is why Ter VOF has taken appropriate security measures.

Functional cookies are used on the website to improve online services. Cookies are used to process your IP address and the system information of your device. For more information about these cookies, please consult our cookie statement.

Your rights
You have the right to request Ter VOF to inspect your personal data. After receiving your request you will receive an overview of your personal data within 1 month. If there are any inaccuracies you can request that your data be adjusted, supplemented, deleted or blocked.

You can also request Ter VOF to transfer your personal data or you may object to the processing of your personal data due to special personal circumstances.
Questions about this privacy statement or a request about the processing of your personal data can be sent to:

Jan van het Meer
Steenwijkerweg 15, 0527-204495, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have a complaint about the processing of your personal data by Ter VOF, please let us know. If you do not agree with us, you have the right to file a complaint with the privacy guard, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Changes to the privacy statement
This privacy statement was last modified on 25-05-2018.
Ter VOF can adjust this privacy statement. New versions are always published on the website. We therefore recommend that you consult this statement regularly so that you are kept informed of any changes.